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What is Ultherapy?


The following is taken from the official Ultherapy website Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared nonsurgical device that allows providers to see precisely which layers of the tissue they are treating. This allows them to select the optimal treatment depth to deliver energy to lift skin without cutting or disturbing the surface of the skin. By treating at depths of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, Ultherapy targets both the superficial layers and the deep foundational layer addressed in surgical facelifts, but without surgery.

Turning time back is no longer just a dream. The non-invasive anti-aging era, has quietly arrived.

The US version of Ultherapy features:

  1. Face + neck treatment takes about 180 minutes

  2. No downtime

  3. The treatment is well tolerated with the proper expectation and pain management

  4. Can be combined with most other medical treatment

  5. Safe Lifting & Firming treatment

  6. Single treatment


Ultherapy features:

  1. Patented DeepSEE technology: treatment can immediately observe the depth of 8mm tissue layer

  2. Patented original positioning line positioning accurate energy position, safe and clear


See the official membership of the clinic on Ultherapy's website:

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Clinic Information:

Evergreen Medical Spa
1650 Elgin Mills Road East unit 208
Richmond Hill ON L4S 0B2
(905) 780 - 8612

What to expect: Face and Neck

Ultherapy works by repairing and strengthening tissue from the inside out - a process that takes place gradually over time with the creation of new collagen. While individual responses will vary, the following experiences have been reported by patients:

  1. (1 week) Slight lifting, toning and plumping of fine lines. Minor swelling, slight tenderness to the touch, tingling or numbness, occasional minor bruising.

  2. (1 month) Slight lifting and toning. Tighter feel with a smoother texture. Slight tenderness to the touch, tingling or numbness.

  3. (3-6 months) Additional lifting and toning. Brow elevation. Less sagging. Smoother texture and more even skin tone.

Periodic touch-up treatments may help to offset the effects of the skin's natural aging process and sun exposure.

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