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Hydrate Your Facial Skin


To help skin be more naturally more hydrated and healthy, Dr.Pistor invented Mesotherapy, a technique where naturally occurring medicine is safely injected into the skin. Mesotherapy helps with skin rejuvenation by surfacing healthy and youthful skin texture. By injecting naturally occurring products just under the surface of the skin between epidermis and dermis layer, skin becomes more firm, bright and hydrated.

By hydrating the skin, clients can not only look better but even achieve much better results when undertaking other treatments. Hydrated skin can provide a good fundamental base for other skin treatments and enhancements to multiply their effects safely and effectively.

The hyaluronic Acid product we use for Mesotherapy: TEOSYAL (Redensity I), made in Switzerland.

Vital Injector II – Health Canada approved
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Hyaluronic Acid :
TEOSYAL (Redensity I) - made in SWITZERLAND
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