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Ms. Ding, Crystal - Senior Professional Therapist 

  • Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician in Ontario (Gynecology)

  • Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario

  • Registered Massage Technician in Ontario

  • Grade 87, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shandong University in China

  • Years of clinical obstetrics and gynecology surgery with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine

  • Mimi (private compaction and incontinence therapy) professional therapist

  • Has worked with Anna at the Evergreen Clinic for 10 years

Ms. Chen, Min - Administration Manager

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

  • 20 years of clinical pharmacy experience

  • 5 years Rehabilitation Clinic administrative Assistant

  • 9 years of Medical Spa Clinic administratiom

Ms. Qiu, Faye - Senior Registered Nurse

  • Nursing Degree from ShangHai Fudan University in 2003

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) with Honours, York  University in 2008 

  • Registered Nurse (RN), College of Nurses of Ontario in 2008

  • Staff RN (Full time) at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto since 2009

  • Medical Aesthetic Practitioner (MEPN) with High Honours, Centennial College in 2019

  • Certified Professional Viveve Practitioner 

  • Certified Professional Mesotherapy Therapist

Ms. Xiao, Michelle - Senior Esthetician

  • Graduated from Hunan Beauty and Hairdressing College in China in 1999

  • Graduated from Canada Jenny Wang Beauty School in 2001

  • Won the champion in the beauty and makeup competitions at Beauty school

  • Served as the principal of Rainbow Beauty Vocational Training Center in 2010

  • Engaged in aesthetics and beauty field for nearly 20 years

Ms. Yao, Sandy – Senior Esthetician

  • Focus on the Beauty Industry over 10 years, rich work experience-

  • ESC skincare training instructor

  • Jenny Wong Beauty Academy Certification in Skin Care

  • Beauty Booter professional operation certification

  • InMode (Israel)  Medical Aesthetic Therapy Professional Operation Certification

  • Thermage (USA) Professional Operations Certification

Ms. Qin, Linda – Senior Esthetician

  • Graduated from Guohui Beauty School in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China in 2003

  • 18 years of professional Skin Care experience

  • Beauty Booter Professional Operation Certification

  • InMode (Israel) Medical Aesthetic Therapy Professional Operation Certification

  • Thermage (USA) Professional Operations Certification